Heat Press Machine T-Shirt


Heat Press MachineĀ T-Shirt


Heat Press MachineĀ T-Shirt for transfer / print all over the media with a flat surface such as T-shirts, ceramics, mouse pads, puzzles and more with a size of 38cm x 38cm field of transfer.

Specifications Press Machine T-Shirt
Application: T Shirt, Tile, Mouse pad, puzzle
Working voltage: 220 V
Power consumption: 550 W Low; 1100 W High
Field Press: 38 x 38 cm
Features – features:
1. Uses SAB (Self Adjustable Baseplate) that can adjust the angle of the heater, so the pressure more evenly.
2. Finishing Powder Coating, making the engine more scratch resistant and does not rust.
3. Created with technology dg aluminum dye casting material allows for greater precision and durability.
4. Handle bar and by using sehinggta berchrome iron does not rust.
5. Heater plate Teflon coated Black Coat that is not sticky and is more durable.
6. Equipped with power options low / high in order to adjust the electrical power used.